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Atletico Lusaka limited edition jerseys for Absa Cup 2024


Eye Sport and Atletico Lusaka present the official kits for the Absa Cup 2024, organised by the Zambia Football Federation. Such an important appointment deserves dedicated work, so we decided to create kits that are strongly connected with the roots of Zambia, in particular of the famous rite of the Luvale tribe.


The players shirt is made of two different materials: Polyspandex Mesh fabric for the body, Round Mesh for the sleeves. This combination of materials gives the player breathability and lightness.

On the front of the shirt there is on the left the Eye logo in a special silicone lowered and lightened version, on the opposite side, side heart, the shield of Atletico Lusaka in plastisol. The Absa Cup logo is in the center of the shirt.

In the bottom left there is the NFC tag both inside and outside the shirt, from which you can access the Eye Football League.  

The red color of the armhole contrasts with the white Eye Sport and sponsor logos.

On the back there is printed the inscription "Bad Boys", the nickname of the boys which brings back to the origins of the team, when the players were just young people on which no one would ever bet. 

The shorts feature a traditional African print on the left side of the shorts. 


The print of the Goalkeeper Race Jersey takes up the African tradition and in particular the Makishi mask, representation of the spirits of the ancestors, used in the Likumbi Lya Mize ritual, which symbolizes the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  

The jersey is produced in Polyspandex and has on the front the logos Eye, Atletico Lusaka and Absa Cup. On the back the print "Bad Boys". In the lower left we find the NFC tag from which you can access the exclusive game Eye Football League.

The Kit also includes shorts that reflect the same colors of the shirt, but with a print that is partially contrasted with the simplest at the top.


The main color of the Polo is red, in contrast with the edges of the sleeves and the decoration on the front and back of the white and gray colors. The polo collar is characterized by the closure with two buttons on which is imprinted the Eye Sport logo. Inside of the hem of the shirt there is the claim "One Zambia, One Nation."

In all three jerseys we have a strong appeal to the Republic of Zambia with the custom sweatshirt and the print of the claim "One Zambia, One Nation" that we also find in the lapel of the end of the shirt. The prints are made with the sublimation technique. 


The prints, unique in their kind, reflect the culture of Zambia. The three kits have a strong reference to one of the most famous rites of the North Western area of Zambia.