For the next three years EYE Sport will provide the first team as well as the youth sector of the White-Navy with professional sport articles.

Eye Sport is pleased to announce a new important three-years’ sponsorship agreement with Red October Cantù Basketball. Starting from the season 2018-2019, EYE Sport will supply their articles to the first team of the White-Navy and to its youth sector.

“It has been really long and intense courtship with Cantù Basketball before signing this contract, admitted the CEO of EYE Sport Alessandro Ariu. We are happy and proud to start this collaboration with one of the most glorious Italian sport organizations, managed by very ambitious proprietors who desire to build a new sports hall. We know very well how hot and enthusiast Cantù’s team fans may be inside a hall, that is why we desire to dress them with EYE and to enter together inside the new “Pianella”. I can guarantee that we will do our best, our company will engage in doing the best job. We want to dress all the Cantù’s fans with our items, creating in this way a very strong identity inside the sports hall.”

The CEO of Red October Cantù Basketball Andrea Mauri expressed his satisfaction over the agreement: “I am very happy about this new partnership. During the last months a series of discussions have been held with EYE, aimed at planning the future and I need to say that I’ve remained pleasantly impressed by their determination. I believe that EYE is the partner who will fully reflect the needs of Cantù’s fans. Regarding the technical sponsorship, during the last months we’ve held many negotiations with various brands but, nevertheless, we chosen EYE as the best solution for developing products that will be dressed by our supporters. It’s a growing brand, concluded Mauri, that I hope our fans will like. Now we are finally sure to be able to reactivate our merchandising that has been missing for too long.”