Road to ISPO


Road to ISPO
Monaco of Bavaria (Germany) 5-8 February 2017

Are you familiar with a sensation of living something and feeling to have it already experienced? Yes, today I felt it... Watching the guys getting on a beautiful van with logo, giving them recommendations, pointing out (yes, once again) the importance of the event and reminding them who we are, where we come from and, especially, where we have to arrive ... Yes, it was like re-living a movie already seen! And then, Road to ISPO: our Everest!

The International Fair for manufacturers in sports industry, the most international and important in the world. From our beautiful island to the austere Germany to exhibit our know-how, side by side with the most important brands in the world. Perhaps I was the only one who believed that it was possible, now I am accompanied and I am sure that after this experience, my guys will have new certainties. Then go EYE Sport, the road is still long and we will NEVER feel "arrived" ...
Alessandro Ariu CEO"