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A success strategy

EYE has imposed on the market his philosophy of a solid franchising network, based on modern and captivating  shops able to satisfy a wide range of consumers. 
If you want to know the conditions to open an EYE Sport shop out of Italy, contact the head office.


Advantages for the franchisee

EYE Sport helps his affiliates to select stores centrally located in town centers of at least forty thousand inhabitants or in primary shopping centers ( with a frequency of at least one million visitors a year).

Staff training
For the affiliate, no experience is required. In fact EYE Sport educates the new franchising’s staff and periodically organizes training internships.

With its staff of qualified professionals EYE Sport will assist you before and after the opening of your new store. People of our staff will periodically visit your store advising you about selling policies and strategies.

EYE Sport supports all his affiliates providing free advertising in the opening phase.

Technical assistance
No stop Help Desk by phone during office hours: from Monday to Friday, in the morning from 8:30 to 12:30 and in the afternoon from 14:30 to 18:30.

Franchising solution

Competitive advantages 
EYE Sport has developed a distribution system extremely flexible in order to respond to every franchising’s needs. Frequent collections ensures a constant renewal of store’s image and  assortment. 

The average stock of product is about 30/40.000 € depending on the potential of store and business turnover is five times higher thanks to our policy of constant re-assortments.
The affiliate is rewarded by excellent margins on products because the constant renewal of collections and the continuity of sport lines reduce the incidence of sales which are absolutely marginal in the economy of the store.

The franchise agreement

The franchising contract allows the free use of EYE Sport brand. The contract duration is thing to last minimum five years and it can be extended.

Company offers to all its affiliates many services such as  local and national advertising, business support in pre–opening phase and staff training.

Affiliate’s duties
The affiliate must assume:

  • store computerization renting the company management program ( about 500 euros a year); -insurance for all risks of theft, fire and civil responsibility;
  • the transport’s charges;
  • he is also obliged to buy and sell only EYE Sport products. 

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