The Eye World

The EYE Sport brand, distributed by Double A S.r.l., is a leading actor on the international market since April 2006.

In these 13 years of results and awards, EYE Sport has been the protagonist of top-level sponsorships collaborating with institutions such as the Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV), Rally Italia Sardegna, the only Italian event valid for the World Rally Championship.

The EYE Sport brand currently provides clothings and sports equipment to Dinamo Banco di Sardegna, Pallacanestro Cantù and the Virtus Roma in the major italian basketball league, in soccer the Olbia Calcio in Serie C, in volleyball the athletes of the Volley Hermaea Olbia, protagonists in the Italian Serie A2 Championship and Indykpol AZS Olsztyn, team of the highest Volleyball series in Poland, and many other teams in different sports and categories.
The products studied and produced by EYE Sport are the mirror of the best Italian Style, proudly born in Sardinia.